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We handle residential and commercial floor grinding and polishing. Concrete grinding is a form of concrete resurfacing, that grinds back the concrete to a smooth, aesthetic finish. It’s great for renovations, new slabs and any other type of concrete base. It’s a modern look for the office or home.

One of the many benefits of a polished floor is its stain resistance and simplicity to keep clean. It protects from spills and tyre marks. Floor grinding can be used in both new and old industrial and residential settings. 

The process involves using a diamond disc, to grind and smooth the floor. Beginning with a coarse disc, which removes pits, stains and blemishes. This process can take three to four steps. Next is fine grinding, this process often takes over six steps. It brings a glossy mirror-like appearance, utilising multiple grits. The final steps involve an internal impregnating sealer that sinks into the concrete, to harden and protect the concrete from the inside out. MMS Concrete Cutting & Core Drilling pride themselves on professional service and a high-quality finish. If you have a question or want a quote, don’t hesitate to get in touch!  

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